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Antique Vintage Vanity Dresser

This is my capstone project for my Intro To Game Art Foundations course with Vertex School. I chose the subject matter of a fancy vintage dresser to challenge myself with fine detail work in both the modeling and texturing process, while also learning to apply my photography experience to capture that detail in the final stages of rendering in Unreal Engine.


In 2019 I had the opportunity to work on an AR application similar to Pokémon Go! Specifically for the SIGGRAPH networking conference. The concept of the app was to encourage exploring the conference center and socializing between the attendees. I worked closely with a team of concept artists to visually develope these character models to be implemented for the upcoming conference.

VR Empathy Training

VR Empthy Training was a psychological research project based on virtual reality immersion. I worked on the pre-production team making 3D art assets for the scene environments. Specifically, I made things like milk cartons, toys, plushies, vases and plants.

Hammy Farming

Hammy Farming was a game project I did with Digital Souffle. You play as a hamster stuck in a ball that has to farm crops in every season while confined to your bubble. I was specifically the character artist.

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